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BONE CONDUCTION technology offers a completely different type of hearing. The sound comes into the ear thanks to the vibration through the cheekbones and then the signal goes to the brain.



schemaENBONE CONDUCTION technology comes with a completely different type of hearing.

  • The sound comes into the ear thanks to the vibration through the cheekbones and then the signal goes to the brain
  • Your ears are free, and you can hear the same way.
  • You don’t lose your contact with the surroundings.


Questions and answers

How does the bone conduction technology works?

Bone conduction technology transmits the sound using small vibrations sent through the cranial bone into the inner ear. Processed signals then continue to the brain. The audio transfer is set to low frequency - Threshold Sound Conditioning, which eliminates annoying facial vibration in the area of speaker positioning.

The principle of conducting sound through the bones was discovered by the renaissance scholar Girolamo Cardano in the 16th century, who was studying, among others, injuries of the auditory organ. He found out that when he tied a string to a tooth of a man with partial hearing damageand played on it, the person heard the tones. If the damage was total, he would not hear anything, and would only perceive the vibrations. The technology was later used by the army in places where soldiers needed to be perfectly protected from noise, but also the needed to communicate. Today, the technology is also used in the commercial sector and medicine. The technology allows the hearing impaired to live normal lives for many years.

What else is different about the Maxxo ETEREO headphones compared to the traditional on-ear headphones or earbuds?

Ordinary earphone speakers cover the whole ear or are inserted into the ear canal. The Maxxo Etereo headphones are using Bone Conduction speakers on the cheekbones, making that your ears are completely uncovered and can perceive sounds from your surroundings, making your sports perfectly clear and safe. Thanks to this technology, you will also completely eliminate the unpleasant feeling of wearing ordinary headphones, particularly the ear pressure and the risk of progressive hearing loss caused by loud music.

Safety and avoidance of hearing damage is an important benefit to every user of Maxxo ETEREO headset.

How to care for Maxxo ETEREO headphones?

The headsetis designed and made to repel sweat and moisture. After you finish your sporting activity, just rinse it under running water, wipe it and you’ll have it ready for other sports activities.

Can the Maxxo ETEREO headphones be used with glasses or helmet?

If you first put on the headset and then your glasses or helmet, you will surely find the right way to wear both. With Maxxo ETEREO headset you can easily and safely enjoy cycling, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, inline skating, etc.

Why are the ETEREO Bone conduction and the Wellness sound technologies special?

ETEREO headset is made in Korea. Compared to the Chinese production, the ETEREO headset is set to a low frequency –the Threshold Sound Conditioning, which completely suppresses the unpleasant vibration of the temples. You can get the perfect sound without annoying tingling.


A responsive noise-canceling microphone enables you to make a phone call during your activity with the built-in Bluetooth headset.

On/off button, receiving calls, microphone
Volume control

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